My 2018 Grammy Awards Review



The Grammys: arguably one of the most exciting and memorable events of every music fanatic’s new-year. It’s everything from the red carpet fashion, gossip and drama and the well-deserved (and sometimes not-so-well-deserved) wins and tragic losses. The Grammy’s allow a healthy extra dose of adrenaline and emotion into the everyday music-loving human’s life.

I don’t possess any qualification or high and all-mighty opinion, in fact, I’m just as regular as the man or women beside to me. But with my own personalised platform, a love for music and an unnecessary need to chuck in my two cents where it’s not needed, I felt that writing my own review of the 2018 Grammy’s could be a way to show others a different opinion… well that and I just need to vent about it. We have a LOT to catch up on. Get comfortable, this may take a while.



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100+ Coffees: #3


“Life is just so hard… Like this bread”


So I’m 100% sure that we have all stalked someone’s Facebook or Instagram profile at some point in our lives… In this day and age, it’s a given really. But what are the odds of them stalking you back at the exact same time?

Meet Layne – or better known as, the social-media stalking sensation and new interviewee of the 100+ Coffees saga.

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5 Underrated Rap & R’n’B Artists of the 2010’s

Anyone who knows me personally will be more than aware of my endless love and appreciation for all things musical. Whether it’s the bubblegum pop of One Direction, the ever-so-explicit raps of Tyler the Creator, the funky fire of James Brown or even the deep and bassy drops of Diplo; music is something that defines and lets me express myself in the form of sound.

Growing up, my dad was without a doubt my biggest influence on music and contributed to my love (and not to mention education) on all things funk, hip-hop, rap, soul and house-related. Being a man of all genres, my dad showed me how to look deeper into songs and passed on his respect for music to me.

sick beats
Me, probably listening to some sick beats back in the day

Even though I appreciate all genres, I won’t hesitate to admit that some stand out more than others. Rap, Hip-Hop and R’n’B have always hit a soft spot for me and grabbed my attention the quickest. You can usually find me searching through the iTunes charts under those particular genres and forever scrolling through the ‘recommended for you’ and ‘listeners also bought’ categories on iTunes and Youtube. Not only this, but reading music reviews, scrolling Ticketek and checking out what my friends are listening to help me further expand my music library.

As my first official music post on my blog, I have decided to write about my favourite underrated Rap and R’n’B artists to give my readers a further insight of my musical taste and possibly provide some new tunes to jam to!


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2016 Billboard Music Awards Fashion Review


Being someone who eagerly awaits the Billboard Music Awards each year and OBVIOUSLY fits into the criteria of a professional fashionista, it is with great excitement that I write this blog post. I have carefully chosen out my favourite hits and misses in the 2016 Red Carpet Fashion scene and hope that my opinions are somewhat universal. So without further a due, here are my uneducated thoughts on the Billboard Music Awards Fashion for 2016.

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