100+ Coffees: #3


“Life is just so hard… Like this bread”


So I’m 100% sure that we have all stalked someone’s Facebook or Instagram profile at some point in our lives… In this day and age, it’s a given really. But what are the odds of them stalking you back at the exact same time?

Meet Layne – or better known as @layne.co, the social-media stalking sensation and new interviewee of the 100+ Coffees saga.


As exemplary to the lifestyle of a typical 16-year-old high school student, Layne’s passions include sleeping, blogging on tumblr, eating, and sleeping again – or better known as Eat, Sleep, Blog, Repeat. She is currently facing her first proper senior year of high school (Year 11) and naturally, trying to avoid any association with assignments and exams but still pass all of her classes. This is something that the after-school naps definitely help cater for.

“Sometimes I go out with my friends but that’s not really a thing – that’s rare” – Layne, 2016

To keep in the 100+ coffees fashion, I couldn’t help but ask Layne what three things set her aside from others. To my surprise, and possibly hers too, she thought of three things almost instantly.


  1. “When I was like 10, I almost got attacked by a Dingo” #dingostolemybaby

  2. “I used to have a (non-cancerous) tumour in my leg. I wanted to keep it but the doctor was like nah”

  3. I am of polish heritage, which is why no one can ever properly pronounce my last name #Adamuskia


One thing to know about Layne is that she is a massive fan of travelling. Just this year, she took a leap of faith and jet-setted by herself to visit the beautiful Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Her longest flight before the trip was only 2 hours and this was a big experience for her to face. After not sleeping a wink in the 13 hour flight, Layne was finally reunited with her Aunty who flew all the way from Las Vegas just to meet at LAX and return back to LV with her (what a saint).



Continuing to chat about her tremendous trip, Layne ranked Disneyland, Santa Monica, Malibu and the Las Vegas strip as her most memorable American adventures. Not only this, but the story that fascinated me most was that she visited the states at the EXACT same time as Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj were touring Las Vegas. The fact that she got to go to an American concert to see artists that rarely tour Australia made me green with envy, but I’m so glad that she went and had an incredible time.



In relevance to travel, Layne told me that one of her biggest achievements to date would have to be visiting America – but the goal that takes the cake was definitely getting a C– in Biology last week.

Layne’s taste in music ranges from Chill-Indie vibes to Bubblegum Pop to Classic 00’s favourites. From Tame Impala and Flume to One Direction to The Black Eyed Peas and The Jonas Brothers, Layne never fails to find genuine potential in all musical genres.


“My biggest pet peeve is when people breathe really weirdly” – Layne, 2016



When asked if she had any last words, Layne requested to say…

“The light behind me is annoying, f*** the system”


What an incredible way to end the interview. Layne drank Caramel Soy Cappucino and I drank a Soy Latte.







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