2016 Billboard Music Awards Fashion Review


Being someone who eagerly awaits the Billboard Music Awards each year and OBVIOUSLY fits into the criteria of a professional fashionista, it is with great excitement that I write this blog post. I have carefully chosen out my favourite hits and misses in the 2016 Red Carpet Fashion scene and hope that my opinions are somewhat universal. So without further a due, here are my uneducated thoughts on the Billboard Music Awards Fashion for 2016.



Ariana Grande

Oh come on, as if I wouldn’t start with the one and only Queen Ari. Rocking her signature ponytail with a stunning royal blue and black gown, Ariana rocked up to the award show with a focus to be fierce. The singer-songwriter is never afraid to change her style and this ever-so-stunning dress omits an aura of class and confidence. But then again, could she ever wear a bad outfit? Although I may be biased and blinded by my undying love for her music and her as a person, I’m sure that I can’t be the only one who thinks she slays literally everything.






Laverne Cox



As similar to Ariana, Laverne Cox is just one of those people who manages to literally slay anything (seriously, she could wear a trash bag and still rank in my fashion hits list). Laverne was seen wearing a chic and stylish designer gown that flaunted her impeccable figure and cleavage while keeping it classy. I am in love with the lace detailing and long black train closely following behind. I love her so much and she will forever be a fashion icon.






Easily my favourite outfit from the Awards Ceremony. Disney star and R’n’B singer Zendaya absolutely teared up the Red (or Pink) Carpet with this breath-taking peach two piece dress. Her beautiful olive skin compliments the warm pink tone tremendously and the minimal silver jewellery is the perfect touch to jazz this outfit up even more. I also love her hair that length and I think she is just absolutely flawless. Totally obsessed with her outfit and I wanna personally thank whoever dressed her because she killed it.







Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes + Triple Black Suit = A very emotional Julia.

Anyone who has spoken to me about formal suits knows damn well that I am absolutely obsessed with the aesthetic perfection that is the triple black suit. In result, I am left speechless with no words to describe this look. Maybe “Sexy”.









Troye has always had his own quirky and unique style and has never been afraid to flaunt it. Personally, I think he looks incredible and pulls off things that no one else ever could. This outfit kind of reminds me of a 90’s bowling team about to compete for some odd reason? Nevertheless, the funky satin shirt tucked into his off-white (or maybe extremely light beige?) dress pants are definitely a fashion statement that no one would have dressed him for. Everything Troye touches is magic and I am so obsessed with him as a person.





DJ Khaled



DJ Khaled really brought some mad class to Billboard when he rocked up to the award show in a triple black suit. He must have heard about Shawn’s outfit and asked his stylist for “another one”.







Nick Jonas


Maybe this is me being biased, but I feel like past Jonas Brother Nick can do no wrong with his fashion statements. Nick kept it simple but dressy with a gorgeous navy jacket and white shirt finished with grey grid-patterned pants and white vans. I’m totally digging the comfortable yet stylish look. Get it, Nick!









Britney Spears

One word – Tragic. Britney looks so artificial here that it almost hurts to look at her. Her lips are bigger than a balloon and she almost looks as orange as an Oompa Loompa. The corset costume on its own would have been fine for a concert performance or something but for an awards show? I mean sure, get that publicity from wearing a controversial outfit but she’s in her mid 30’s? The 90’s Britney will not last forever and this unfortunately proves it. Also, what is with the random cape and fish-net heels? The entire outfit just clashes and results in a hot mess. Britney is so naturally beautiful but she is just trying way too hard to relieve her younger days. Not the best, Britney.



Priyanka Chopra

To be fair, I have absolutely no idea who this is, but it literally looks like a prom dress gone wrong. The material looks cheap and tacky and the halter looks like they tried to be quirky and different but failed miserably. The cerulean colour compliments her skin tone, but another colour may have been better. Lastly, the thigh-high slit looks like it was cut by a pair of scissors they found lying around. She looks like a beautiful lady but she could have done so much better.







Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer rocked up in a curve-hugging red latex dress which complimented her body stupendously, but looked ridiculously uncomfortable. How did she manage to walk in that thing? Although the maroon tones suited her gorgeous glowing skin perfectly and the dress made her body look like a dream, she cut a bit of slack online via Twitter when fans were confused about how “ashy, un-moisturised and unpolished” her feet were. Well, I guess with the eye-hurting outfit she wore, it was natural that they tried to look anywhere but at her dress.







The Fat Jewish


Need I say more?











Trevor Moran

I was quite shocked at how many Youtubers there were at the 2016 Billboard Awards Show. Trevor Moran being one of them, surprised the Red Carpet with a long black coat and cut up (?) white dress shirt and latex-like pants and black boots. He kind of reminds me of a Dracula… or at least a kid trying its best to dress up like one. Trevor is quite the individual and I totally get that he’s trying to grace the show with his quirky fashion sense, but this is a little much.







Meghan Trainor


Meghan Trainor, being known for her big and beautiful curves, fittingly wore a tight fitting dress to emphasise them in all their glory. But personally, this look doesn’t do anything for me. The only thing I like here is her hair and make up. The dress looks like something only Gaga could pull off. The high shoulder pads and sequin-scattered dress gives a futuristic vibe that unfortunately Meghan just can’t pull off. Here’s to next year.








I’ll admit, it isn’t the worst dress I’ve ever seen, but it sure isn’t the best. If you’ve seen the side photo, you’ll know that it shows a little bit too much side boob and probably left viewers hesitant to view a possible wardrobe malfunction. The silver looks absolutely amazing on her and I love the infamous leg slit, but the dress does nothing for her.









Rihanna slays whatever she wears and that’s a known fact. She showcased her infamous short hair and fringe and I have to say, I’m slightly obsessed with it. But the dress just didn’t do it for me. It looks like she’s wearing a nightgown that she’s about to take off to get in the shower. The sad thing is, that dress probably costed an arm and a leg. Although it may be boring, Rihanna (being the natural babe she is) gave life to the entire outfit and looked ever-so-glamerous on the Red Carpet.






Trevor Morgan


To cut a long story short – hot guy, not so hot outfit. Kinda reminds me of a priest to be honest. However I do love the white and black on top of his dark skin tone. Could have done a lot better, but could have done a lot worse too.









Chris Tucker


There is no denying that I have an undying love for the hilarious Chris Tucker. His collabs with Michael Jackson, comedy skits and appearances in the Rush Hour movies always make me fall in love with him all over again. However, this is an outfit that doesn’t make me want to fall in love with him. I think he would have looked super smart in a simple black suit. I don’t get the polka dots? They’re even on his shoes… He must looooove dots? I have no words on why else he would want them in such mass.





So there we have it! There are my Hits, Misses and Eh’s for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are and feel free to add in anyone I’ve missed!

Tune in next awards show for my irrelevant input on ridiculously rich celebrities and their questionable fashion choices.




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