100+ Coffees: #2


“Hang on, we got food”



I met the beautiful Sammi about two years ago after we got introduced online by my childhood best friend and her school friend, Georgia. One day in the winter holidays, being the boring teenagers we are, we both decided to finally meet up in person and go see a movie. We bonded instantly at our first hello and collectively spoke to each other as if we had been friends for a lifetime.

Sammi would have to be one of the biggest photography enthusiasts that I have ever met. When asked about her passions and hobbies, Photography was the only activity she could think of, to which she extended with, “It covers all bases. That’s just what I love and what I want to do in life”. But of course, with ambition comes hard work… And what better way to pursue photography than to start your own professional business! Debuting “Sammi Maunder Photography” at the blossoming age of fourteen, Sammi (now nearly 17 years old) has continued to push her abilities above and beyond to create an impeccable name for not only her business, but herself.


“Well… My ultimate dream would be to become the head photographer at a major fashion magazine, or even with some sort of fashion company like Gucci. A girl can dream!” – Sammi, on her greatest and wildest photography dreams

After drifting away from the topic of photography for a little while, I facilitated to ask a question which required three facts that set her aside from others. Admittingly, it took her quite a while to come up with some ideas. “I’m so boring” she repeated over and over. Sammi is quite a modest girl for someone so genuinely down-to-earth, talented and sweet; so of course, I expected nothing less.


1. “I used to have a condition called ‘Chron’s disease’ which is a bleeding of the bowel that slowly eats it away. I had that from when I was 12 until January of this year and I’m so happy that it’s gone. I guess that sets me aside from others because the symptoms are internal so you can’t really see the severity of it.”

2. “In my time, I have travelled to Australia (obviously), New Zealand, Europe and America.”

3. “I have two god-daughters who are nine and seven and they mean the world to me. They’re like the little sisters I never had!”


If you know Sammi personally, it will be no surprise that she is obsessed with everything artistic and creative. Whether it be her beloved photography passion, her groovy dance moves or even her love for anything musical, there is nothing that she won’t conquer. This encouraged me to ask Sammi what her biggest achievement to date was, to which she replied with, “Is performing at DisneyLand an achievement?”. No, because everyone totally gets to fly to America to dance with Sleeping Beauty…

“About three years ago, I went to America with my performing arts school and we performed in DisneyLand and danced in the parade and it was just a whole lot of fun. We met all of the princesses and it was just an amazing experience.


After learning more about this incredible soul and her creative talents, I was led to asking one last make-or-break question regarding music. “What music are you into?”, to which she instantly answered with, “All of it”. Sammi continued on to say that “I’m not really fussy with music like, if I like a song I’ll go and search it up – I don’t really have a “particular taste” as everyone says. At the moment, I’m really into Drake and tomorrow I might be into Taylor Swift. I’m just all over the shop, really.”

Oh, aren’t we all Sammi?

To conclude the interview, we decided to devour some ever-so-scrumptious food at the Bam Bam Bakehouse and treat ourselves to some retail therapy at the all new Pacific Fair. Overall, it was awesome to catch up with her and gossip about our quarter life crisis’s as Year 12 students.

Sammi drank a Freshly-squeezed Orange Juice and I drank a fresh Green juice.

(Click here for ‘Sammi Maunder Photography Website’)

(Click here for ‘Sammi Maunder Photography Facebook Page’)

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