100+ Coffees: #1


“F*** 90.9 SeaFM”


I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Callum (or better known as Cj) after we both ran for leadership positions at school this year. After getting talking about all things McDonalds, high school and people related, it only was a few days later that his work colleagues made me aware of a little crush he had developed.

As a true blue Burleigh local, Cj ranks working at Maccas, booging with his mates (boogie-boarding) and chilling at Fifth Ave in his top priorities. When asked to go into detail about his love for the beautiful Fifth Avenue in Burleigh Heads, he simply replied with “If you’re a booger you just bloody love Fifth Ave. If you don’t, you’re just gunna have a s*** life”. Simple, but effective.

As the self-claimed owner and leader of Fifth Avenue, Cj is never afraid to step up to a challenge or speak for his people. Possessing an optimistic, friendly and laid-back attitude at all times, there is no wonder that he is also the current Year 11 Representative for his cohort. “It’s pretty good like, it’s the only time I’ve won something besides buying Pokemon cards on eBay back in the day. You’re always a winner then.”

When asked for three facts that set him aside from others, he was quick off the bat to give me some witty and random answers.

 1. “I nearly failed Naplan, it was absolutely brutal.”

2. “I have brain damage and mild Cerebral Palsy – I can’t feel the left side of my body and I absolutely hate it.”

3. “My worst fear is flying because of all the terrorism in the world.” 

Continuing on from being not only a leader but an absolute champion, Cj proved his title even further by telling me that if he could be any animal for the rest of his life, he would be an Ibis. After having to hold back a few tears, he then went on to give a quick shoutout to Kobe Schulz for sharing a passionate love for Ibises and labelling the way they perch their wings as ‘marvellous’. ‘The Ibis Research Foundation’ founded by both Cj and Kobe will be up and running soon to cater for all of the dirty-feathered ibises who have been devastated by storms and severe weather conditions. I will be posting a link to donate to this incredible cause extremely soon so please keep an eye out.


I ended the interview with the final question of, “Do you have any last words?” which Cj replied with “I hate SeaFM because they gave me the wrong location to get some choccy milks” and “if you need someone to chat to, message me because I will help you and I’m a good bloke”. What a generous soul. If you ever walk by Callum in the street or at school, feel free to shout him a chocolate milk because he and the ibises have been severely neglected.

Callum drank a Chai Latte and I drank a Soy Latte.


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