Hi there!

My name is Julia and I’m a 19-year-old girl currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I’ve always aspired write my own blog one day but never had the self-confidence or time to really think of it as more than a dream.

One night after stalking my friend Emily’s blog for the millionth time and falling in love with her writing yet again, I decided to give it a try myself. From her interviews with friends to celebrity fashion reviews, Ivy Cornelia reminded me of the importance of writing and therefore pushed me to make Half Girl, Half Asleep. Just from initially reading her words, I already felt as though we were that bit closer and that is exactly what I would love to achieve with my blog!

I’m a full-time University student, weekly breakfast and drive-home radio announcer, event/live music photographer and lover of all things writing. I’m passionate about the events/music/nightlife/festival scene and hope to pursue my dreams of working with like-minded people in the field after I graduate Uni.

My blog will reflect topics and issues that I am personally passionate about. I have dealt with numerous mental health issues for nearly half of my life and have been recently diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease and have found that writing has deemed very therapeutic for me. I’m also very interested in general pop culture, music and the thoughts/opinions of those who have walked a different life path than I have. They will be reflected in my series 100+ Coffees.

Half Girl, Half Asleep will be my way of sharing my passions, opinions, thoughts and concerns  through the astonishing power of words.


For business enquiries, article requests or general queries:


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